Let’s Moove n Groove Dance & DJ’s Rock n Roll dancers enjoyed 2 days at the Penrith Show with Vintage FM 87.6 on Saturday, 28th August 2010 and Sunday, 29th August 2010. Many thanks for all the encouragement and support from those who were unable to attend and especially for those that committed hours on either 1 or both days to showcase how easy, fun and friendly the original and popular 50s/60s Rock n Roll dancing is. As always it is such a pleasure to be able to sit back afterwards and enjoy a quiet afternoon chatting at a cafe or bar.

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Bligh Park Rock n Roll Demonstration Roundup

ImageWe would like to thank all the Moovers n Groover for spending a nice day out at the Bligh Park Tavern Rod and Custom Car Show. The main day involved raising funds for prostate cancer. There were a lot of cars out and of high quality.

The Moovers n Groovers where showcasing how much fun Rock n Roll dancing can be while the band was playing. The band on the day was called Rough Stock you can hear then and checkout there upcoming gigs on there websitewww.roughstock.com.au

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Lets Moove n GrooveOn Saturday, 16th June 2012 we held two (2) workshops and a dance party at Penrith RSL in our favourite room on Level 2 The Hornesywood Hall. Before we give you a summary of the happenings on the day we must sincerely thank Penrith RSL, Maze Catering, Lisa and Jess from the Functions Team and all the staff at the club for always providing a consistently good quality service, being friendly and professional and always taking care of our group. We cannot thank you enough for all that you do and the effort that goes into your food, bar and corporate services. THANK YOU.


Kool Cuisers Car Show

ImageWe would like to thank everyone that came out to support us at the two recent car shows the first being the Cool Cruisers Car Show at Liverpool Catholic Club which was initially postponed due to bad weather.

It was a really big turn out of cars and people we had fun dancing and showing people how much fun Rock n Roll Dancing can be. We even had some students enter there cars into the event.

Rattle n Hum Car Show – Castle Hill RSL

ImageAgain we would like to thank everyone that ventured out to castle hill on the day. Also a big thanks to the Mustang Club for the props for the picture to the left.

We had another fun filled day of Rock n Roll dancing and showing people how much fun it is. Again we had a few students with there cars in the show. Pictured below and yes Amanda just could not resist having to climb into one.


The Cha Cha Workshop and Dance Party held on Saturday, 21st April 2012, was very well attended and we thank everyone for your support, attention and engaging participation. We hope you have all been practicing with style, hip action and arms moving in a natural and subtle way generally rhythmically coordinated with the movement of the body. We have summarised some information as covered at the workshop and we hope you will join us again when we re-visit the Cha Cha Cha!

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