We will be having an action packed 2017. Are you curious as to what will happen in 2017.

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Learn to Partner Dance Rock 'n' Roll and Swing in 2016
Learn to Partner Dance Rock 'n' Roll and Swing in 2016

Once you have decided to take a chance to learn to dance, all it takes is that step through the door and onto the dance floor to begin your partner dance journey.

Learning to partner dance Rock 'n' Roll and Lindy Hop (aka Jitterbug), is easy once you learn how to do it and learn how do it well with confidence and competence. It takes practice and despite the current 'instant' society of wanting everything now, partner dancing is teamwork and the time to learn will vary but you should have fun doing it. Having fun along your dance journey is critical to maintain focus, concentrate on the basics, acquire the necessary knowledge and learn the necessary skills and attributes that go hand in hand with leading and following in your dance partnership. 

We wish you well and look forward to meeting you, your family and friends on the dance floor. 

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couple dancingReady, set…go learn to dance Rock ‘n’ Roll

The happy days are here, so polish your dancing shoes and ready those frocks.

Let’s Moove N Groove is your local partner dance school. Australian Owned, friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about nostalgic styles of dance including Charleston, Lindy Hop and Rock ‘n’ Roll, the music and the bands, you will just naturally catch the fever and roll with them!

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Couple Rock N Roll Dancing in Group Dance Classes
Couple Rock N Roll Dancing at a lesson

Let's Rock 'n' Roll Dance

See the 2015 year out with Rock 'n' Roll group dance classes

There is a sense for fulfillment and accomplishment when you learn to partner dance well with confidence and competence.

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Couple doing a dance dipLearning to dance any style will always take time, patience, lots of practice, perseverance, a positive attitude, the right behaviour and the daily willingness and enthusiasm to try, try, try again.
Please give any dance style a realistic time-frame to feel comfortable and competent with the basics. As learning to dance especially partner dancing won't happen overnight and it will surely take more than 1 class. 
It is always best to start to learn to dance at the very beginning usually a Week 1 date. Whether you have experience or not it is vital you go through the basics and fundamentals of the dance regularly. Not only will this be respectful (on so many levels) but more importantly you will become better acquainted with other dancers and continue to develop and grow as a dancer yourself. 

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