Kids Rock n Roll and Swing Dance Classes


In 2013, Let's Moove N Groove Dance Studio are proud to present Kids Dance Classes for children aged 8 years - 15 years in the styles of Rock 'n' Roll and Lindy Hop/Swing.

Both these styles of dance are a partner dance and they will help your child develop team skills, partnering skills, decision making skills and increase there ability to interact and socialise with others. Dedicating time to a sport in this case Dancing and having clear goals and a focus will help your child develop discipline and expel energy creatively. Dancing is all about body movement and being in time with music and partner dancing is all of this and so much more.

We truly hope you will help us keep these nostalgic dances of the past alive and introduce a new generation of dancers into the Rock 'n' Roll and Swing communities.

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Last chance for 2012 to start the journey to learn to dance:

ROCK 'N' ROLL in The Mountains, The Hills, Western Sydney and Penrith. See below for details.
LINDY HOP/SWING in the Parramatta/Granville area. See below for details.

Rock 'n' Roll

With thanks to the many classic Rock 'n' Roll bands, musicians, artists and songs we have today the chance to preserve a part of history that brought joy, happiness and life to the lives of many teenagers and adults. Growing up in the 50s and 60s in Australia saw a rise in affluence. In the 50s Australia enjoyed the most even income distribution of any western industrialized nation. The 60s saw Australia turn from a predominately primary industry to manufacturing. According to CLICK HERE "Australia had started to become a “mini America” with a multicultural society."

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Since the 1950s with thanks to many brilliant promoters, artists and Rock n Roll bands, Rock n Roll dancing has been a favourite past-time for all generations. During the 50s, especially from 1955 dancing especially Rock n Roll was freedom from the pressures of life, rules, home and school. It belonged to the teen-agers of that era and gave them some sense of belief for the future, joy and happiness.

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Since the advent of television, computers, modern technical devices, IPads, IPods, XBox and other electronic game devices the dance culture has somewhat been impacted. Back in the good ol' days of the 50s and 60s, when men, women and children would enjoy a stroll in the park, pick up sticks, knuckles using pebbles or stones, playing in the yard and going out dancing every night of the week, especially the Saturday night dancers. Life couldn't have been anymore simplier and joyous. Yes, social skills were developed, the ability to interact with one another and lead a somewhat normal existence without the pressures of keeping up with the "Jones's" or what was more fashionable, trendy or otherwise deemed cool.

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Rock n Roll dancing was more than just a dance it was a whole culture that brought people together and made communities stronger and happier. Dancing in the past (pre and post 50s) especially Rock n Roll, Swing and Ballroom was something that was enjoyed by many every night of the week. Dancing especially Rock n Roll and Swing was a great activity that improved endurance, balance, flexibility and enhanced ones life and well-being as it brought joy, friendship and love to life.

The best thing about dancing is, it actually does not matter who you are, where you have come from, what your sporting experience is or your resume, dancing is something that calls you and drives you to express yourself. You do not have to be the worlds best or be perfect at dancing. What you do need to do is to find a dance style that suits you, motivates you and makes you feel alive like Rock n Roll. Generally, people are attracted to certain styles of music as it is the music that you will be listening to, dancing with, expressing yourself and your emotions for. So to love dance is to love music, these two factors go hand in hand!

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