Private dance lessons are available for individuals, couples (including wedding couples) and small groups. All private dance lessons are personalised, planned and prioritised. 

For Individuals and Couples

Participating in private dance lessons may be the most effective way to develop dancing skills and may also increase the rate and pace at which you learn due to the intensity and exclusivity of learning in a one on one environment with dance instructors. If you are looking for that; edge, want to show some awesomeness (look and feel for your dancing) with your dancing, just want to be in an environment that you feel at ease and not surrounded by too many distractions, or want to try it before you commit to the experience of a life long career in Rock n Roll dancing, it may all be achieved through regular private lessons. Ask any of the top dancers and they will agree on the benefits and advantages of private lessons. Think of Private Lessons as special dance sessions just for you!

Some of the benefits of Private Lessons include:

  • Individual attention from the principal instructor(s)
  • Learning at your own pace
  • More attention to detailed techniques
  • Help complex patterns and figures become seamless and effortless
  • Focus on your individual needs and Rock n Roll dancing goals
  • Broaden your scope and add more variety to your style
Private Lessons are best suited to either;
  • individuals who want to excel
  • individuals and couples who have a basic understanding of the dance from group classes and are looking for increased knowledge, skills, leader/follower techniques
  • individuals or couples who may not feel comfortable or confident with the group class environment
  • individuals or couples who may have busy lives, shift work or other commitments that prevent them from attending at our regular class times or locations, can request a private at a time that better suits them and at another location (please note that additional fees may be charged for travelling or room hire)
  • individuals who simply want more than just attending weekly group classes
  • individuals who want to fast track or accelerate their learning
  • dancers from other styles that want to quickly get up too speed
  • entertainers or performers that need to choreograph a dance routine taking into consideration a whole host of factors including and not limited to props such as costumes, microphones and the like.
  • Brides and Grooms who need a personal, confident and unique experience to prepare them for their special day

For Small Groups

If you have a group of friends who want to learn in a private class then private lessons are the perfect option. Private lessons are available for small groups;
  • Wedding Parties
  • Groups of Friends
  • Social Groups
  • Community Service Organisations
  • Special events
Private group classes are organized to the group's specific requirements.
Contact the office to discuss options and rates.
For individuals and couples private lessons are available and for multi-hour blocks, special rates may be negotiated. Private Lessons are available by appointment only.
Send as a quick request for private lesson pricing and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours: