Lets Moove n GrooveOn Saturday, 16th June 2012 we held two (2) workshops and a dance party at Penrith RSL in our favourite room on Level 2 The Hornesywood Hall. Before we give you a summary of the happenings on the day we must sincerely thank Penrith RSL, Maze Catering, Lisa and Jess from the Functions Team and all the staff at the club for always providing a consistently good quality service, being friendly and professional and always taking care of our group. We cannot thank you enough for all that you do and the effort that goes into your food, bar and corporate services. THANK YOU.

Okay, so this was the operations of the day:

2pm we started having our attendees arrive for the DIPS and DROPS WORKSHOP and it was great to see that everyone came in excited, fresh and eager to learn. We honestly had a great bunch of dancers. We all knew that we were in for spills and thrills and so we kicked off at 2:15pm with lots of stretching for our ankles, legs, lower back, arms and more. We used every part of the floor and it saw us already getting up and down before we got anywhere near our first dip!

We started really nice with mentions about dance ettiquette and being socially appropriate and always aware of your environment and surrounds...remember you can control what you do, but you cannot control what others do. It is important to be respectful to you and your partner, the clubs, other dancers, other patrons (club members and guests) and the band/DJ. If you are ever in doubt about whether to dip/drop etc...then just don't. It is always nice to know how your partner feels about being dipped/dropped and be smart about implementation of your dips/drops within a song. Let the music help you feel when it is a good time for instance the end of a song, breaks in the music.

Really important safety tips is to always ensure that you have learnt how to dip and drop, don't just copy something you have seen. Be aware of your competencies and incompetencies and don't be afraid to say "NO". If it feels wrong or not right then just stop. There was a lot more but we are not going to bore everyone with everything because you should have been at the workshop.

Once we got going we had some drills and exercises to warm you up including working on counter balance, dancing 'standing up', core engagement and more. Once again you should have been at the workshop to acquire the skills, knowledge and education.

We had some fun with the basic dips, basic drop with floor push/wheel barrow into a corscrew exit, lunge, check, booty roll, ballroom drop and step over. Hopefully, we can build on this workshop and do another one for others to enjoy.

By the end of the three hours we were all very pleased with the light refreshments - the sandwiches and fruit was so good...as they say "IT HIT THE SPOT".

Okay, so our 2nd workshop at 6pm was all about SPIN TECHNIQUE, we truly hope that all our dancers will take on board the drills and skills and make it apart of their daily routine to improve their quarter spins, half spins and full spins. We spoke about finding your centre axis, pivot point, using the preferred part of the foot the ball, we spoke about control, looking up and how to ground yourself and understanding your core and how to work it from the bottom up and the top down, we also referenced ice-skaters...hmm! Again, if this is over your head, then it would have been a very worthwhile workshop to attend!

By the end of the hour it was nice to be refreshed with some hot finger food because by this stage some people had been there for 5 hours and there was still more to come.

YES, DANCE PARTY time. At 8pm the lights were off, disco lights on, DJ in the house and the play button went down down down...it was great to see new people as well as our regulars working on all the mooves from class and all the grooves from the workshops. Congratulations to our lucky door prize winners that included Anita, Julie, Aaron, Sandra and Lynne. Thank you to all that attended whether it was for a short time or a long time, it was just such a great afternoon/evening and we were so delighted with all the non-stop dancing...woo hoo...you all should be very proud.

Until next time, keep living, loving, laughing and definitely stay alive with ROCK N ROLL enjoy :).