The FTF(Falcon, Tickford, FPV) Car Club of NSW was founded in 2005. The club is all about fun, friendship, community, fundraising and whether you have a modified vehicle or stock standard, taking it for a day on the track, weekend cruise, show or slower paced family day that is what you can expect from this club.

The next FTF upcoming car events include Capital Ford Day Canberra on Sunday, 18th March 2012 and the big one their annual Fords in the Park show to be held on Sunday, 29th April 2012 at Minchinbury.

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Since the 1950s with thanks to many brilliant promoters, artists and Rock n Roll bands, Rock n Roll dancing has been a favourite past-time for all generations. During the 50s, especially from 1955 dancing especially Rock n Roll was freedom from the pressures of life, rules, home and school. It belonged to the teen-agers of that era and gave them some sense of belief for the future, joy and happiness.

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For all the lovers of ELVIS, Elvis Tribute Artists and Elvis artefacts and treasures an exhibition and tribute concerts will be held in the Castle Hill Area on the first weekend of March. For those of you that were able to get to the Baulkham Hills display or those that missed it! This is a must not miss exhibition!

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Rock n Roll dancing was more than just a dance it was a whole culture that brought people together and made communities stronger and happier. Dancing in the past (pre and post 50s) especially Rock n Roll, Swing and Ballroom was something that was enjoyed by many every night of the week. Dancing especially Rock n Roll and Swing was a great activity that improved endurance, balance, flexibility and enhanced ones life and well-being as it brought joy, friendship and love to life.

The best thing about dancing is, it actually does not matter who you are, where you have come from, what your sporting experience is or your resume, dancing is something that calls you and drives you to express yourself. You do not have to be the worlds best or be perfect at dancing. What you do need to do is to find a dance style that suits you, motivates you and makes you feel alive like Rock n Roll. Generally, people are attracted to certain styles of music as it is the music that you will be listening to, dancing with, expressing yourself and your emotions for. So to love dance is to love music, these two factors go hand in hand!

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A Rock n Roll and blues influenced band that are still touring and very active across the US and Canada today are the Steve Miller Band. What a treat for all Australians if they were to bring a tour down under. This band plays some good ol' wholesome and classic rock n roll tunes that are easy to listen too, enjoy and have hints of rhythm and blues, country and rock. Some of their songs include:

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We had a great day out at the Penrith Festival in 2011. We spent the day hanging around with the Vintage FM team at there stall along with rock n roll legend Lonnie Lee who was signing his new calendar.

The day started off being nice and sunny then all of a sudden a storm hit with some hail but even that was not enough to dampen everyone's spirit. It soon cleared up and it was soon time to hit the parade and then again just as we where getting ready the heavens opened up again and we continued with the parade.

Hello all you Moovers N Groovers,

Just a quick post to let you know about the dates for the very first of our courses and classes that will re-commence in 2012. Even if you not sure about dancing, don’t know how to dance, think you have 2 left feet or would like to start back with a lovely and friendly group then here are the dates:

NEXT ROCK N ROLL dance course dates and dance parties to come along to and escort your partner, your friends and family to 2012, are as follows:

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Charleston dance with us

You may have heard the whispers and it is true, Australia is holding a registered attempt at the world record for 1920's Charleston Dancing.
The event will launch the 1920s and all the Jazz Festival in the Blue Mountains on Saturday, 4th February 2012 at Leura Mall.
It is definitely something not to be missed and everyone should definitely participate. Remember it is all for fun and all for us Aussies!

There are opportunities to Learn To Dance Charleston in person with one being a workshop scheduled on 21st January 2012 at Penrith RSL from 5:30pm in the Hornesywood Hall on Level 2. Tickets are available prior to or on the day. Enrolment from 5:15pm. $10 per person Charleston Workshop Only and $15pp for Dance Party with Vinnie and the Moonlighters that will commence at 8pm.

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On the 5th and 6th November we were invited to attend the Everglades Vintage and Retro Weekend we had many students make the trip for the two days dressed looking the part.

Over the two days we did some demonstrations of social swing and rock n roll dancing. We also conducted a Charleston lesson on the wonderful gardens at the everglades with some wonderful mountain views.

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ImageOn Saturday, 6th August 2011, some of the members from Let's Moove n Groove Dance & DJ attended the Music for Life fundraiser that was held in conjunction with Harvey World Travel and Vintage FM on High Street.

We would sincerely like to thank Vintage FM 87.6 where the good times are felt and remembered through the fabulous music hits played from the past. This was a great opportunity for our group as we were in home territory. We have Rock n Roll dance classes at Penrith RSL every Monday night with a new beginner course starting every 5 weeks.

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